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by House Designs on October 24, 2012


Without natural light and the opportunities to see outside I think we would go stir crazy, the need for windows becomes a crucial component in every dwelling. Placing of windows not only inside but outside is important to the entire feel and atmosphere it creates. Proportions place a big role in the exterior of a house; size of window relative to its façade and surrounding elements must be taken into account if the house or structure is to present itself as a whole.

Windows that are operable provide fresh air or a pleasant breeze to enter the house. A nice change in the spring after living and depending on an air exchanger to provide oxygen throughout the winter months. The Canadian code requires that most rooms, primarily bedrooms, have windows that meet an egress size to allow the occupant to climb out of a window should a fire restrict exiting at ground level.

Windows are traditionally made with wood frames. Plastic windows are perhaps just as common. Combinations of wood window frames with aluminum or vinyl cladding are available; both plastic and aluminum are virtually maintenance free and come in a variety of colour options.

Glass has a low insulation value, hence the reason heaters are placed below them in rooms to combat the heat loss, and yes these heaters are designed to heat the room. The advent of double and triple glazing has helped to some degree, but I don’t think it has solved the heat loss problem.

I love doors because not only do they create the sense of entry to your home but they can define who you are and be as personal in design as you are an individual. The following are photographs of doors I have taken while on a trip to Europe. I have now made this into a poster and am offering it for sale.  Poster size 24″ x 36″ delivered to your door via regular mail.

cat 4

I have a limited quantity printed so hurry now.

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