The Builder

by House Designs on October 24, 2012

Finding a Builder

new_blueprintFind a builder you can work and feel comfortable with, you will be spending several months talking with your builder possibly on a daily basis. The builder you choose may not have the best price but might be the best fit for you. I would suggest that you get references from the builders who are quoting your project and go and look at their work. I believe quality is in the small details so pay attention even though the overall appearance may look great.  Obtain three quotes so you can compare prices and ask these builders for break downs on their quotes which helps with the cost comparison. Often builders will provide allowances for the big ticket items such as kitchens, windows and flooring; they often have suppliers that they send you to for product selection. While a builder has provided an allowance for a certain ticket item you may find a product that exceeds that allowance which means you will pay the difference and visa versa if the product is cheaper with the builder giving you back a credit. I strongly recommend that you never tell a builder how much you have to spend and let the builder make the first move by giving you his quote.

The building process is an exciting one and watching your ideas jump from paper into reality has always been a fascination of mine. So make sure you have the design you want and not what someone thinks you should have.

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