Permits and Inspections

by House Designs on October 24, 2012

Rules and Regulations

Once you are pleased with your house design and working drawings are complete and you have a quote from a builder that is within your budget, then the next stage is to obtain a building permit.

The permit stage is an important process which I think is added insurance for the owner as the professionals who review the plans are well versed in the building code.

A plan review is done to ensure that the building meets all the requirements set out in the building code. In short no one wants a building to fall down or fail due to inproper building practices. Once the review has been approved then a permit is issued to begin construction.

There are several stages that are inspected during the course of construction which again becomes added insurance for the owner as the building inspector is on site reviewing and enforcing good building practices.

An occupancy certificate is then issued once the building inspector has made the final inspection. By now the moving van is at your new front door and the movers are unloading all your personal belongings.

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